Fire Safety, Fire Equipment & Evacuation Training – $1,350.00 per course

This course is conducted in the Workplace.

COURSE OVERVIEW – Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher & Evacuation.

This course covers the competency required to identify and prevent the development of workplace emergency situations, or to minimise their consequences, to report if emergency protection systems, emergency control equipment and evacuation systems are compromised, to confine small workplace emergencies which may include such incidents as a small fire that can be controlled by using a nearby fire extinguisher or fire blanket and evacuation procedures.


Identify, Prevent and Report Potential Workplace Emergency Situations
Confine Small Workplace Emergencies

Duration: 2.5 hours

The course is a combination of theory & practical and is designed to impart knowledge to each staff member on fire safety, fire prevention, causes of fire, procedures to adopt in the event of fire, evacuation procedures, warning sounds, emergency resources and information on portable fire fighting equipment.


  • Preparing for an emergency,
  • Reporting Emergencies,
  • Common Causes of Fire,
  • Fire Prevention Measures,
  • Australian Standards,
  • The Tasmania Fire Service General Fire Regulations 2010,
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning,
  • Evacuation Procedures,
  • Action in the Event of Fire,
  • Knowledge of Portable Fire Fighting Equipment.


The Practical element of the course is made up of 3 exercises plus a walk through of the building to look at all the fire safety & fire fighting equipment.

Exercise 1. (Fire Blanket)
We will set up a simulated fat fire in the kitchen and show each staff member how to extinguish the fire correctly after which each person will use a fire blanket to extinguish the fire.

Exercise 2. (Fire Extinguisher)
We will set up the fire simulator in a room with theatre smoke and show each staff member how to use a fire extinguisher correctly after which each person will use a laser extinguisher to extinguish the fire.

Exercise 3. (Evacuation)
We will then increase the amount of smoke in the room which will mean when the staff member attempts to extinguish the fire they will find it more difficult and they will then need to evacuate all persons out of the building.


Delivery will be via a powerpoint presentation, videos, class room activities and practical exercises in a simulated situation.
Each participant will use a fire blanket on a live, controlled frypan fire in the kitchen and a simulated fire with smoke will be set up and each student will use a laser extinguisher on the digital fire to extinguish it.

Assessment will be undertaken through oral questioning, assessment during exercises and the completion of a written assessment at the conclusion of the course.

Qualified Training personnel will conduct the training and assessment.


Participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Completion in Fire Safety & Equipment.


This training course is conducted at your site where the students are likely to encounter a fire.

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