Business Fire Safety

Operating a business is very time consuming and ensuring your business is compliant with all the Rules and Regulations can be confusing.

At Complete Fire Safety we are always working hard to ensure all Tasmanians are safe while they are at work. We want everybody to be able to go home to their family at the end of the day.

With this in mind we have developed a range of Workplace Emergency Response Procedures (Fire Plan Packages) that are tailored to suit each type and size of business.

We also understand how difficult it is to operate a business and still remain compliant therefore we have dramatically reduced the cost of getting an Emergency Plan.

Once the Emergency Plan is in place it becomes easier to be compliant.

To operate your business in accordance with the current rules and regulations and to alleviate the risk of receiving a substantial fine or penalty each business owner or operator must have the following:

  1. An Emergency Plan, (from $395.00)
  2. A competent person or company that can review the emergency procedures every 12 months, (from $195.00)
  3. A competent person or company that can conduct an effective practice evacuation every 12 months, (from $250.00)
  4. A Licenced and Qualified Equipment Service contractor who will come to the business premises every 6 months and service the Fire & Safety Equipment: (from $8.25 per item)
    • The Fire Extinguishers,
    • The Fire Blankets,
    • The Fire Hose Reels,
    • The Fire Alarm System,
    • The Exit Lights,
    • The Emergency Lights,
    • Check the operation of any fire doors,
    • Check the building against the Director of Building Control’s specified list.

When all of the above are checked by a competent person or company to a satisfactory level the building can be deemed compliant in accordance with current Tasmanian Acts & Regulations.

If you would like some advice on your responsibilities give Stephen a call or send him an email.


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