Fire Safety Awareness Course – $450.00 per course

OVERVIEW – Fire Safety Awareness Course. 

This course covers the competency required to identify and prevent the development of workplace emergency situations, or to minimise their consequences, and to report if emergency protection systems, emergency control equipment and evacuation systems are compromised.

Title:                     Identify, Prevent and Report Potential Workplace Emergency Situations
Duration:            1.5 hours


  • Prepare for Emergency Situations,
  • Identify & Assess the Emergency,
  • Safely Confine Emergencies where Possible,
  • Theory on Portable Fire Fighting Equipment,
  • Report Workplace Emergency Response,
  • Written Assessment.


Delivery will be via a powerpoint presentation, videos and class room activities.
Assessment will be undertaken through oral and written questioning during presentation of the material and a written assessment at the conclusion of the course.
Qualified Training personnel will conduct the training and assessment.


Participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Completion in Fire Safety.


This course is conducted in the workplace where we can see all the various emergency equipment on site.
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