Implementation Training Course – $395.00 per course


This session is conducted in the Workplace.

OVERVIEW – Implementation.

This course is designed to cover the Workplace Emergency Response Procedures Manual and its contents and to outline the roles and responsibilities of the Wardens, the Area/Floor Wardens, The Deputy Chief Warden and the Chief Warden.

Duration: 1 hour.


  • Building Overview
  • Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Fire Exits
  • Emergency Control Organisation Personnel
  • Warden Identification
  • Duties of Wardens, Area/Floor, Chief & Deputy Chief Warden
  • Assembly Area
  • Raising an alarm
  • Using the Bomb Threat Checklist
  • Emergency Calls – Log of Events sheet
  • Quick Action Guide


This course is conducted at the workplace.

Complete Fire Safety will tailor this course to suit a particular work site.

At the conclusion of the development stage of the Workplace Emergency Response Procedures Manual we conduct a implementation training session to ensure the members of the ECO understand their building and their roles and responsibilities before, during and after an emergency.

It is at this stage that the ECO members are presented with the Workplace Emergency Response Manual.

Once the training has been completed a suitable time is mutually agreed upon to conduct an inhouse practice evacuation.
This is usually 1-2 weeks after the training to enable ECO staff to digest what was delivered in the training session and to familiarise themselves with what is required of them as an ECO member.

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