Live Fire Training – $1,250.00 per course

COURSE OVERVIEW – Live Fire Training

This course covers the competency required to confine small workplace emergencies.

Small workplace emergencies may include such incidents as a small fire that can be controlled by using a nearby fire extinguisher or fire blanket. This training is available as live training at our training ground.

We will tailor the course to suit a particular work site.

Title:          Confine Small Workplace Emergencies
Duration: 2 hours


  • Prepare for Emergency Situations,
  • Safely Confine Emergencies where Possible,
  • Theory on Portable Fire Fighting Equipment,
  • Report Workplace Emergency Response,
  • Written Assessment,
  • Practical use of Equipment.


Delivery will be via a powerpoint presentation, videos, class room activities and the practical use of fire fighting equipment.
Each participant will use a fire blanket on a live, controlled fry pan fire and a fire extinguisher on a live fire.
Assessment will be undertaken through oral questioning, assessment during exercises and the completion of a written assessment at the conclusion of the course.
Qualified Training personnel will conduct the training and assessment.


Participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Completion in Fire Safety & Equipment.


Safety of the students is paramount during the practical elements of the course and we therefore insist that all students wear long pants, long sleeves and appropriate closed toe footwear.


Due to the strict Local Council Laws, live fires cannot be lit on land smaller than 2000 m2 therefore this course is usually conducted at our training ground near Kingston in Southern Tasmania.

If your site has a suitable area to conduct live fire training we can conduct it there.


Email: for more information.