Buying from CFS


Complete Fire Safety only stock quality Fire Fighting and Fire Safety Equipment and every time you purchase a product from CFS you will also receive expert advice on how it works, where you should place the equipment in your home or business and if it is the right equipment to suit the fire risk.

You can probably buy the same or similar equipment from other places like DIY stores but you may not get the right type of equipment to suit your requirements or receive the right advice on how it works or where it should be located.

When you buy from Complete Fire Safety you will be dealing with an expert in Fire Safety and you will receive quality equipment and sound advice.

Once you have your Fire Fighting Equipment the friendly staff at CFS can also arrange to service your equipment on a regular basis to ensure it is always ready and in good working order which means you can be sure it will work when needed.

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Fire Extinguisher Guide

Equipment Brochure

If you would like a quote or advice on our large range of fire fighting and fire safety equipment or a quote on servicing your existing equipment call our Manager – Scott Shaw.

Phone 03 6272 3910 or 0457 300 643

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