Digital Fire Extinguisher Training – $1,150.00 per course

COURSE OVERVIEW – Fire Safety & Equipment Training

Digital Fire Extinguisher Training

This course covers the competency required to confine small workplace emergencies.  Small workplace emergencies may include such incidents as a small fire that can be controlled by using a nearby fire extinguisher or fire blanked.

Title:            Confine Small Workplace Emergencies

Duration:    2 hours


  • Prepare for Emergency Situations
  • Identify & Assess the Emergency
  • Safely Confine Emergencies where Possible
  • Theory on Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Report Workplace Emergency Response
  • Written Assessment
  • Practical use of Equipment.


  • Delivery will be via a powerpoint presentation, videos, class room activities and practical exercises in a simulated situation.
  • Each participant will use a fire blanket on our fat fire training simulator that replicates a container of cooking oil on a stove top.
  • Each participant will then use a laser fire extinguisher to extinguish a fire in our fire simulator.
  • Assessment will be undertaken through oral questioning, assessment during exercises and the completion of a written assessment at the conclusion of the course.
  • Qualified training personnel will conduct the training and assessment.


Participants who are deemed competent will receive a Statement of Completion in Fire Safety & Equipment.


This course is conducted in the workplace where we can see all the various emergency equipment on site.

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